96th Infantry Division Deadeyes Heritage Fund

The Deadeye Dispatch

"The Deadeye Dispatch" was first published on Leyte, even as the battle raged. A sister publication, "Deadeye Features," was based on weekend magazine sections.

The 96th Infantry Division Association used the title for its newsletter, which was published twice a year until disbanding in 2005. However, a single edition was published in 1968.

Our organization was formed immediately after the dissolution of the postwar association, and it resumed publication of a newsletter with "The Deadeye Dispatch" title. The board of directors of the Deadeye Association voted to approve a merger of the group with our heritage fund in 2017. All remaining assets of the association were transferred to our heritage fund, which has continued publication of the veteran newsletter. The current and back issues can be accessed by clicking the links below: